The Euroflex Mission

At Euroflex, we combine innovation with engineering ingenuity to improve peoples lives all over the globe. In today’s complex world, Euroflex’s focus is to make people’s lives easier by making every day tasks of cleaning and home care simple and easy. This is why Euroflex guarantees excellent results from every product we make.

A History of Innovation

Since 1994, and based out of Venice, Italy, Euroflex has been the leader in home care appliance product design & development. With over 30 global utility and design patents, Euroflex technologies has powered many of the leading home care appliance manufacturers globally for over 20 years.

When Ingenuity Meets Design

At Euroflex the quest for a high level of innovation and unparalleled performance, quality and reliability follows a meticulous path that originates from an initial problem solving concept and evolves into a final product that meets the needs of our customers in a new, simple and intuitive way.

We do this by not only leveraging our stable of innovative inventions in every industry-leading home care product we build, but by also constantly learning from our customers’ needs to determine what we create and what we build for the future.


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