Ultra Dry Steam M4S Hybrid


The Ultra Dry Steam M4S Hybrid Steam Cleaner is a powerful and effective appliance that is designed to clean floor to ceiling. It is a true “all in one” steam cleaner that easily converts from a floor cleaner to a mobile portable steam cleaner in just one-click and with no loss of steam heat temperature or steam pressure output. As a portable steam cleaner, it was designed with multiple features for cleaning hard to reach areas.  Our detachable handle offers on-demand one-touch electronic steam output when in portable operation.  Our portable high-powered spray nozzle can steam blast any surface in your kitchen, bathrooms, garage and more.  Our multiple accessory tools are designed to assist you with all types of surface cleaning by blasting dirt and grime out of tight spaces leaving your surfaces hygienically clean and quick to dry. Additionally, our steam booster allows the ready-made steam to be released continuously and without any loss of steam pressure during either floor or portable cleaning to easily remove harmful germs and bacteria.

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