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Our 3-ply microfiber pads are designed to last for hundreds of uses. Replacing them depends on how often you use them and how well you clean and maintain them. Use mild soap and water to hand wash or use the gentle cycle on the washing machine. Allow to air dry. Never use fabric softener or bleach. Replacement pads can be purchased at

To turn off your steam mop, unplug the cord from the wall outlet, place it on the included parking pad, and the unit will automatically cool and shut off. Let cool for 5 minutes before opening Boiler cap and use caution as it may still be hot, and steam may escape.

Never use cleaning solutions, perfumes, oils, or any other chemical substances other than tap or distilled/ demineralized water in this appliance.  Use of chemicals may damage the appliance and will void your warranty.

Yes, our steam mops are recommended for refreshing, deodorizing and sanitizing carpets.  We include a carpet glider and microfiber carpet pad specifically designed for use on carpets.

Our steam mops are designed for use on all sealed hard-floor surfaces. We recommend that you first test an isolated area of the floor surface to be cleaned as well as review the use and care instructions. Do not use on leather, wax-polished furniture, synthetic fabrics, velvet, or other delicate, steam-sensitive materials. On surfaces treated with wax and on some no-wax floors, the sheen may be removed by the heat or steam action of the unit.  Before steam cleaning, test an isolated area of the flooring first to see if sheen is affected

Plug the unit into the wall outlet and wait about 3 minutes for the green steam ready indicator light to illuminate on the unit. To emit steam from the underside of the unit, simply pull the handle downwards.  Return the handle to its upright and locked position to pause the steam output. To emit steam from the Frontal Jets, simply pull the trigger on the handle upward. Always place the unit on the included parking pad for the cool off period during and after steam cleaning. Steam is generated with natural mopping motion while in use.

We recommend you periodically clean the unit to prevent accumulation of calcium, mineral deposits and other sediment caused by use of tap water.  After every 10 – 15 refills, fill the boiler three-quarters full of hot tap water, shake several times and empty out into the sink.  Repeat several times as needed.  If distilled/demineralized water is regularly used in the unit, cleaning of the boiler can be done less frequently.

After floor cleaning is completed and water remains in the boiler, the unit can be stored with the remaining water in the boiler for use next cleaning.  You may also empty all water from the unit before storing. Place on the park pad for cooling down period and for protecting the base of the unit.

Our steam products have a thermostat temperature control. When the correct temperature in the boiler is reached, the thermostat cuts off power, making our products more energy efficient. The green ready indicator light will go on and off while you are using the product (this is not a product fault).

Certain accessory items are considered consumables, that is their effectiveness is reduced over time due to normal wear and tear. Replacement packs of microfiber pads, accessories, nylon brushes can all be purchased through our online store at

If the microfiber floor pad does not have enough moisture, it can be more difficult to push across your floor. Press the Front steam button on your handle to emit steam from the underside of the steamer. This will replenish the moisture in the pad allowing your steam cleaner to glide easier across the floor while keeping your pad hot to help loosen and remove dirt & debris while cleaning. The microfiber pad needs both moisture and heat to achieve the best cleaning results.

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