Sanitize Your Home with

Ultra Dry Steam

Are your floors and surfaces truly sanitized or are you just pushing around dirty water with your traditional mop or steam cleaner?

The Euroflex difference is our proprietary Ultra Dry Steam Technology that comes standard in all of our floor steam cleaners. A hot plate underneath the base acts as a HEAT BOOSTER while our high-grade stainless-steel boiler SUPERHEATS water up to 275° F. This ensures that your home is not only clean but fully sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. The Ultra Dry Steam Technology dries in seconds protecting your floors and carpets.


Ultra Dry Steam M2R Upright

Ultra Dry Steam M4S Hybrid

Euroflex Products

Put Us To The Test

The Euroflex Challenge

Clean your floors as you have in the past, then follow up with the Euroflex steam mop. After a few passes, check the microfiber pad for cleanliness.  We guarantee the Euroflex steam mop will have picked up a significant amount of dirt from your previously “cleaned” floors.

“Euroflex has been the leading global innovator in steam technology since 1994. We protect the most important things in your home.”

-Andrea Milanese | Euroflex Founder